What You Should Do With Old Clothes

There are nearly 336,000 tonnes of clothing that end up in bins across the country every year. Unfortunately, as many as £30 billion of clothing are sitting in people’s closets that haven’t been used. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to avoid contributing to the waste yourself. Below, you will find some of the best tips on what you should be doing with your older clothing. You can click below if you find an idea that strikes you as useful.

Clothing That’s Too Worn To Continue Wearing:

  1. You could upcycle this clothing into something that is brand new.
  2. Check out Textile and Fabric Recycling.
  3. Ask about Textile Collections in your area.
  4. Gift your clothing to an Animal Shelter. Clothing That Still Has Life:
  5. Consider donating it to those who need it.
  6. Pass your clothing down to younger ones in your family.
  7. Rent out your clothing.
  8. Trade your older clothes.
  9. Trade or sell your clothing for cash.
  1. Upcycle Your Clothing Into Something Brand New

Believe it or not, but you can take clothing that has been damaged and give it to a textile and fabric recycling company. From there, they can be turned into brand new clothing items including for use as face masks, car seats, cleaning cloths, and more. You would be surprised at the number of things worn-out clothing can be upcycled into. Maternity shapewear.

  1. Look For Local Textile and Fabric Recycling Spots

Any of the clothes that you cannot pass on can still serve a purpose. You can find various textile recycling spots throughout your area. That way, they can be recycled properly. You can find these clothing and textile banks everywhere including in local car parks to supermarkets.

  1. Ask About Textile Collections

You will find a lot of councils locally that will offer these collections. Therefore, you should be able to check out these websites when you are looking to recycle your clothing. By using a collection service, you can get rid of the clothing for free and know that it is contributing to positive things.

  1. Gift To An Animal Shelter

You will find a lot of animal shelters that will have use for older clothing. They typically use these things for cleaning up messes, making beds, making blankets, and more. They use all of the textiles they receive to make life better for the animals in their care. Therefore, you could consider bringing in some of your older clothing knowing that it is going to help animals at your local shelters. Here are some of the other tips that will show you the things you can donate to local shelters.

  1. Donate Your Clothing To Charity

Any clothing that is deemed in good condition can be donated to charity stores. You will find a lot of charities will offer free collections, as well. You can use The Charity Website to find the nearest shop to your location. That way, you can donate your clothing conveniently on your schedule. While getting rid of uniforms and company-branded clothing might be more difficult, you might be able to. If not, you should ask your company how to go about doing it. You should be able to donate older school uniforms through the old school uniform program or directly through the school itself.

  1. Hand Them Down

This is a good option that you should be considering. Not only will it save the environment, but it will save you money. Passing the clothing on from one child to the next is a great way to make use of clothing twice. This can also be a good way to share with friends and family. While you will want to wash this clothing well, it can be a good way to breathe new life into older clothing.

  1. Rent Your Clothes Out

If you want to keep your clothes but you want to free up some space, you might want to consider renting it out. You can earn some money from the clothing in your closet and free up space at the same time without saying “goodbye” to your clothes forever.