What You Should Know about the Total Expense of a Burial for a Loved One

The death of a loved one can be unexpected and sudden, or it can come after a long battle with a disease or illness, but there is one fact about a loved one’s death that will always be true for all of us: it is a devastating occurrence, and we need all the guidance and support we can get if we are to heal properly. But the death of a loved one also comes with expenses, particularly if we choose to have a burial service, and we have to contend with this as well. Practical considerations such as expenses come with any death, as much as we’d like to wave it aside, and the sooner we know and deal with these expenses, the better for us as we can then focus on our grief, loss, and eventual healing. Here, then, is what you should know about the total expense of a burial for a loved one.

The basic expenses

The basic expenses surrounding a burial for your loved one can vary based on several factors, and these include the location of the ground or cemetery, the kind of service you want for the funeral, and other additional expenses such as the coffin, the wake, flowers, and so on.

The average expense for burials in the United Kingdom can be around £5000, and this will include the actual charges for the burial, the fees of the celebrant or minister, and the fees of your funeral director. In London, the fees for burial can be upwards of £7800 while in the East Midlands, burial expenses can be around £4600, so the cost will depend on your location.

What you can expect from your funeral director

If you opt for the professional services of a funeral director, this can certainly be of help during this difficult period. They will not only be able to provide you with emotional support, but they can take care of all the practical details as well, much like the funeral directors in Leeds from Carroll & Carroll Independent Funeral Services. The funeral director’s services have proven more than worth it for numerous grieving families, and their fees will already include such aspects as the care of your loved one as well as transportation for your loved one, the funeral procession, the pallbearers, and the hearse; one limousine for the family; a chance for the family and loved ones to view and spend time with the deceased; hygienic treatment such as embalming; and a coffin made from wood such as teak or light oak (although the wood would often depend on the actual funeral service provider you choose).

Additional expenses for a burial

There are other additional expenses related to a burial service such as the fee to remove or add a headstone, the monument and maintenance fees, the fees for the church, and the costs of masonry as a memorial tribute to your loved one.

Optional expenses

There may also be some optional expenses, and this can include the memorial service (approximately £900), catering (about £400), the hiring of limousines (around £300), flowers (around £185), death notices (approximately £80), and the hiring of a venue, which can cost about £240.

Expenses can be quite formidable, but if you need financial support, you can seek help from the government and seek assistance from a charity as well.