What’s The Best Temperature For Vaping CBD And How To Avoid An Overheating Vape

New vape users have a lot to learn before they completely master using the device along with their preferred liquid. Although there is a wide world of oils and vape liquids to explore, there are certain must-know facts about vaping every user should know.

Unlike cigarettes that can be used at any temperature, vaping is not as easy. There is in fact what is considered as the optimal CBD vaping temperature every user must look out for to avoid overheating and other vape complications. Here is everything you need to know before using vape with CBD oil:

Cooler Liquids Offer A Better Experience

All users will agree that overheating comes with a long list of problems. It is often said that vaping cooler liquids offer a better experience because heat will destroy certain qualities of the oil or liquid used for vapes. Settings that are too hot will often lead to the loss of flavor and lower nicotine levels, leaving vape users disappointed and unsatisfied.

It is best to start off vaping with lower temperatures until you find the optimal temperature that delivers the best results according to your personal needs.

Testing Battery Limits

Vapes come in different brands, models, and designs which means the type of battery used is also different. All novice vape users must take note of the warnings that come with their device to avoid overheating. High-quality vape will usually stay in a set temperature, up until the very last minutes of its battery life, this is when overheating usually occurs.

Avoid pushing the power levels and the limits of the vape’s battery too far as this can result in damage to the device as well as decreasing the quality of the liquid or oil inside the tank.

Dry Wick Problems

There is no denying that sometimes we all want to produce a giant cloud of vapor with an intense flavor. While this can be fun and entertaining once in a while, this will not help with vape overheating. Is tense puffs will often lead to the wick drying out and burning because it becomes too hot while vaporizing the liquid. Signs of a dry and burnt wick is the presence of black spots on the wick seen during replacement.

The first rule of vaping is to keep the wick moist. So the next time you are tempted to inhale deeply to create an impressive cloud, tone it down and save yourself from future overheating and burnt wick problems.

Maximum Benefits At Optimal Temperatures

The right temperature setting for vaping will depend on the type of liquid or oil used as well as the purpose of vaping. Recreational users can always follow the recommended settings as this is the best way to ensure a good vaping experience.

However, for patients who need to use CBD oil for treatment, the optimal temperature to get the best results are higher at 365 degrees Fahrenheit or 185 degrees Celsius. It is a higher than average temperature and if you do not feel confident about it, ask experts or those who are regular cannabidiol vape users for more advice.