Where do you put chlorine tablets in a swimming pool?

     Over time, a pool gets infested with impurities such as bacteria, algae, and dirt that not only disrupt a good swimming experience but also make the water unhealthy. 

Luckily, we have chlorine tablets as the frontline defender to battle these impurities and keep our pool water fresh. Chlorine acts as a disinfectant to kill germs, viruses, and bacteria in the water which explains its connection to swimming pools. 

However, ThePoolSupport says to make chlorine tablets work, first, you must learn how to use them. You should know where to put chlorine tablets in the swimming pool.  Therefore, this guide will present you with the top four ways to add chlorine tablets in a swimming pool.


  • Floating dispenser


As the name suggests, floating dispensers are plastic bowl-like gadgets that store chlorine tablets in their container and are left to float in the pool. They release the chlorine in the water while they float across the pool until the chlorine tablet dissolves completely. Floating dispensers are a convenient and affordable option for chlorinating the water. They don’t require any significant maintenance and will last long. 

Coming towards the shortcomings, floating dispensers can often get stuck at one spot and overtime release a lot of chlorine in that particular place. Consequently, the chlorine is distributed unevenly across the pool which might damage the pool liner at the concentrated area. 


  • Skimmer


Chlorinating water using the pool’s skimmer is another effective way to do so. You can place the chlorine tablets to in skimmer of the pool. As the filter is activated, water passes through the tablets dissolving the chlorine on the way. This method is deemed as a more effective way of chlorinating water that using a floating dispenser since chlorine gets distributed evenly across the pool.

However, one drawback to skimmers is that even if the filter is halted, the chlorine tablets won’t stop dissolving. Over time, the dissolved chlorine particles accumulate to form highly acidic water that can damage the skimmer location.


  • Automatic chlorinator


An automatic chlorinator lets you have precise control over the amount of chlorine to be added into the water. You also get to set the dissolving rate for the chlorine tablets. To start with, you’ll have to fill the container with chlorine tablets. Next, set a feed rate and start the chlorinator. Automatic chlorinator saves you a great deal of time as you don’t have to add chlorine tablets manually each week. Simply, turn ON/OFF the chlorinator when you feel like purifying the pool.


  • Granulated chlorine


A chlorine tablet crushed into discrete granulated form dissolves at a relatively faster rate. You directly sprinkle the granulated chlorine across the pool for faster sanitizing. This approach is notably useful if you don’t want to spend any cash on costly sanitizing methods.


There is no one method for sanitizing your pool as chlorine tablets provide the flexibility to opt for any of the multiple options available. Chlorine tablets are inexpensive yet effective pool sanitizer that will keep your family safe from any virus or bacteria. Choose any of the above-stated methods and enjoy healthy swimming.