Why do designers prefer MacBooks?

Many video editors and designers prefer Macbook, whether it’s an iMac, MacPro, or MacBook Pro. Especially for the MacBook Pro, they chose it because it is flexible as a mobile editing tool (portable). Why is the Macbook the best choice for designers? Maybe, you can read the following reasons.

Mac is virus-free

Maybe if you just work on an ordinary design project, it’s not too big, which doesn’t involve a lot of interests. Using Windows is fine. If there is a problem, because of a virus, for example, you can reinstall the editing software or OS.

But in big companies, big projects, they don’t want to take risks with viruses. Even if they can buy and update anti-virus. That’s why they chose Mac. You could say on the Mac there are almost no viruses. If you’ve made up your mind on going for a MacBook, check out the latest models of MacBooks in Sri Lanka at bestbargains.lk for rock solid prices.

No need to think about the specs

Maybe, you wonder what netbook specification you should choose for design project or video editing. The answer is very complex. It’s not enough just to tell the specs based on the technology such as DDR2 or DDR3, i5 or i7, USB 2 or USB 3, SATA 2 or SATA 3.

But you also have to tell the brand and its series. And sometimes it’s all useless. Because in the end, it is not a matter of spec … but the price! Meanwhile, the MacBook Pro (and the average Apple product) will not provide many choices because the specs they make are already available in one package.

MacBook Pros are called “pro” because they are specially made for professionals who need a spec that can work hard.

So even if it’s expensive, the Macbook Pro is just perfect for heavy-duty. Choosing a MacBook Pro is only a matter of choosing what series. It is enough just to choose the year of release: 2010, 2012, 2013, and so on.

MacBook Pro is durable and tough

Some Mac users say that if you want to buy a MacBook, then it’s better to buy a used Macbook than buying the new one. Why?

Used MacBooks are still as smooth as new. Most of the previous users would take care of their MacBooks carefully. The Macbook still works perfectly because the owner never disassembled or fixed it.

The battery is still good even if it has been used for a long time (the battery cannot be removed). The average MacBook Pro user can last 3-5 years.

The MacBook Pro is cold

The entire body of the MacBook Pro is made of aluminum. So it is actually cooler than a laptop made of plastic. Especially if you work indoors with an AC, the MacBook will feel like a refrigerator.

In addition, the MacBook’s air ducts are arranged so that they do not disturb the user. You won’t feel any hot air from the Macbook.

Finding files on a Mac is easy

Windows has difficulty in finding files, while a Mac has an incredible speed of indexing files. Macbook can list all files on the hard disk or other media embedded in the Mac. So, you can search for files (via the search column in Finder), which can be found in an instant.

Finally, those are several reasons why many designers prefer Macbook to do their design and editing project. Well, Macbook is very reliable and powerful to do heavy-duty, big design, and editing projects because it is indeed made for professionals.