Why Donating Clean Water Can Positively Change a Life

Water is the source of life. Every living being–humans, animals and plants have the privilege to access clean water. However, some areas have difficulties finding resources for clean water. The reason could be lack of government support, environmental issues or poverty. Unfortunately, it could affect someone’s life and future. Water is also essential to keep your life moving. It will support your body to achieve dreams and goals. So, can you imagine a child without securing clean water? Luckily, you can donate clean water! 

Indeed, life is unfair. Some are privileged, and some are not. But the differences between these two groups are the people who have compassion and understanding. With this, they can build a children’s safe drinking water program in Cambodia. If you dedicate yourself to use your privilege in helping other people, continue reading this article to know more about why it is helpful to donate drinking water. 

Why Should You Donate? 

When you donate, you may not realise that it also has personal benefits. Whether you want to sponsor a child, protect the environment, help animals, or give to local charities, your selflessness and empathy to help other people can also help you in many ways. Remember, giving also feels like receiving. So, if you donate clean water to children, expect to gain these positive feelings and benefits.   

Teaching Children Why Being Compassionate Is Important

Giving to other people is a valuable life lesson. A child who grows knowing the importance of sharing and donating will make a better society. When you donate in rural areas, you will have an impact on the children. It is the lesson of changing the lives of other people in positive ways. 

If you donate drinking water, you will not know how it can influence a life. Maybe one child will go to school with a healthier body. Hence, he will learn faster. This way, it will contribute to his journey in achieving goals and dreams. Also, maybe a mother wants to protect her child’s safety through clean water. 

The positive impact has so many possibilities! Even if you don’t hear all those stories, the positive change will surely make a difference in the long run. Not only in this generation but to the future generations as well. 

Improve Social Inclusivity 

We are all the same, regardless of age, race, gender, status in life, profession, physical appearance and opinions. If you look into your core, you will realise that every living being needs love, food, shelter and water. When you take part in the children’s safe drinking water program, you initiate social inclusivity for all people. Unfortunately, society is dividing people by labelling them as a minority. However, when you donate clean water, you will see how we are all the same. After all, everyone needs the same thing, which is inclusion and belongingness. 

Donating is indeed helpful. Now, you should know what would happen if you donate clean water and drinking water to children. What are the effects? How would it help them? Find out in the next section what are the possible positive effects of donating water. 

Why-Everyone-Needs-a-Clean-WaterWhy Everyone Needs a Clean Water 

Do you know that you cannot survive without clean water for three to four days? Imagine the people who have no access to clean water. Do you think they can go on with their lives without drinking water? Read this section on how you can change a community when you donate clean water. 

Give-Nourishments-and-HydrationGive Nourishment and Hydration

A healthy body will be your support in achieving your dreams in life. Of course, you can’t go to school with an empty stomach because it will hinder your learning experience. You will also need enough strength to do your day job. Can you think of going to work without enough nourishment and rest? It would affect your job performance.


Thus, compromise your work and health. See, water gives nourishment and hydration by protecting your kidney and liver. It also protects your brain and spinal cord. Lastly, water maintains normal body temperature. 

When you donate drinking water, it will have a positive domino effect on a person. Better nourishment means better work or job performance. As a result, the person will achieve more things in life through a healthy body. As a person, your backbone is your physical body. You have to maintain and preserve it. See, the children’s safe drinking water program can change lives in the simplest form–by giving clean water. 

Diseases Prevention

When you consume contaminated water, you will develop diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. Unfortunately, these diseases are fatal and can cause someone’s life. If you develop these diseases, you would need to invest money to recover from them. Plus, it would take your time and energy. As you can see, diseases are a waste of money, energy, and time. 

However, do you know that you can prevent diseases through clear water? Yes, it is possible! Clean drinking water can help your body have a stronger immune system. As mentioned above, water gives your body nourishment and hydration. 

Hence, programs that donate clean water help people in Cambodia to have an initiative in fighting against diseases. This way, they will prevent drinking water from contaminated sites, such as faucets, sewage, factories and industries. A children’s safe drinking water program will contribute to the healthy environment of children that will help mould their future. 

Agriculture and Food Sustainability 

Food sustainability is an essential aspect of surviving life. Crops and grains need clean water to grow before producing fresh foods. Hence, a clean water supply helps the growth of agriculture in an area. After all, when you use contaminated water, bacteria and diseases will spread and therefore compromise health. 

Fortunately, the children’s safe drinking water program considers installing wells, pumps, sterilisers, and taps to have accessible clean water for the community. With clean water, people can also produce food that can nourish children and adults. A healthy community means it has more chances to become successful. In the end, every child will have a smile on their faces because of a comfortable and healthy childhood. 

Improving Sanitation 

Clean water also improves sanitation: including washing clothes, cleaning the house and other essential activities. Without clean water, sanitation will suffer, which means more health conditions that could arise. Fortunately, you can donate clean water with the help of the children’s safe drinking water program in Singapore. 

With this, you can help people to have a sanitary life. There are many benefits of sanitation. It includes maintaining mental health, improving self-confidence, better focus, and enhances productivity. All of these contribute to the betterment of life quality. After all, everyone deserves to have a comfortable life. One must not deprive of water, food, education, shelter and other necessities. If you have the means to help, grab the opportunity and change a life by improving their sanitation. 

Daily Life Activities 

Can you live without clean water for a day? For sure, it would bring inconvenience in your life. But, how about a community with no clean water at all? Have you thought about how they go on with their daily lives? See, it is hard to live without clean water for a day. Every activity depends on water, including cooking, cleaning, washing, etc. 

It is the best reason to donate clean water and drinking water to other communities in Cambodia. After all, before achieving all of your goals and dreams, you have an adequate water supply. So, why not share it with others? Share the privilege you have to support and lift other people. With this, the world can have a better environment and society. Remember, no matter how big or small you donate, it can still improve life. 

Promotes Personal Hygiene 

Personal hygiene means you are taking care of yourself. It means you need to shampoo your hair, brush your teeth, wash your body and face. Without doing this, there is a high chance that you will develop illnesses and diseases. 

Today, the world is battling the pandemic. Hence, personal hygiene is essential to stop the spread of the virus. Of course, personal hygiene needs clean water too! Plus, there are health and social benefits. It improves relationships and self-confidence. When you donate clean water, you will contribute to the healthy environment in Cambodia and help children live a comfortable life. 

As you can see, there are many changes when you join the children’s safe drinking water program. Now, you have to consider some things before joining an organisation. With this, you can ensure that the organisation will stick to their goals to make positive change. 


Things to Consider Before Joining a Donation Program

Most people want to donate drinking water or money. However, some are hesitant to donate because they thought it is a scam or the credibility is not convincing. As a result, there would be fewer members of a donation program, which means fewer funds. Well, use this section as a guide when you plan to join a donation program. 

<img src=”https://i.ibb.co/PzWcVhg/Know-Their-Mission-and-Goal.png” alt=”Know-Their-Mission-and-Goal” border=”0″></a>

Know Their Mission and Goal

Before you join an organisation, read and research about the mission and the goal of their program. For instance, the children’s safe drinking water program is to deliver solutions to communities in Cambodia to have access to clean drinking water. So, if you have the heart to help people, keep in your mind and heart the mission and vision of an organisation.

Also, you can check their marketing campaign. The marketing campaign can reveal the values and morals of your chosen organisation. In doing so, you can ensure that you will donate to an organisation with the cause in your heart.  

Their Method

Now, the question is, how they will put into action their goals and objectives? Of course, you need to know more about the methods. There are many donation programs in the world. However, not all of them have the same strategy. Well, you can donate money, set up a charity, sponsor or give your time. Of course, all of these are helpful, but it does not mean it is effective. 

The organisation should inform you about the methods of their donation program. For instance, you can donate clean water through The Operation Hope Foundation. With this, their strategy is a community-centric method. They will set up wells, plumbing systems and pumps. You can see the solutions and the possible outcome it can offer. 

Their Commitment 

Most importantly, you need to check their commitment. Will the organisation continuously support the community? Or are they putting it just for show? Well, you should look for an organisation with a genuine concern for the people. This way, their commitment will transcend distance and time. With this, you can ensure that your donations will change the lives of many people. 

The children’s safe drinking water program commits to improving life quality in Cambodia. Well, you can see the effectiveness of their commitment through the results. Were they able to improve the community life? Are the people still benefiting from their donations? Before you donate clean water, make sure you partner with an organisation with genuine commitment and effective methods. 

Clean-Water-for-Every-ChildClean Water for Every Child

Every child deserves to live a healthy and comfortable life. In their childhood, it is essential to mould them to become better people. Of course, a child needs a healthy foundation to grow into a person that contributes to society. To support a child, begin with the basics–shelter, education, food, and water. 

Luckily, you can donate clean water with The Operation Hope Foundation in Singapore. They are an organisation that focuses on improving life quality with empathy, dignity, inclusivity and accountability. Hence, join their children’s safe drinking water program and make a difference. 

In doing so, you can initiate positive change that can improve lives, not only in this generation but also in the future generations to come. Remember that a well-supported child will produce a better society and environment for the future. 

Donate drinking water at their website here and put a smile on a child’s face.