Why Your Business Documents Need a Virtual Signature

What is a digital online signature? When you have digital signatures, you are casting a digital identifier or fingerprint onto your document. It is a virtual fingerprint that is unique to a single individual. Employers and other individuals use it to identify signers and secure data in digital documents. It is a type of electronic signature ensuring compliance by providing validity and authenticity of the person’s identity. Digital signatures can provide vital information about a digital document such as status and proof of identity. Signatures can confirm that the data came from the signer and was not tampered with during handling and transportation.

A digital signature is a type of electronic signature where algorithms are used to validate the authenticity of messages. They create a unique virtual fingerprint specific to one individual or entity and are used to validate the authenticity of the document and protect the information of digital messages or documents. People use them to ensure that no distortion occurs when in transit between a signer and receiver. In many ways, digital signatures are more reliable and secure than other forms of electronic signatures.

Some people may have fears about the security of digital signatures. But here are some reasons why those fears may be unfounded and why you need a virtual signature to secure your document.

1)  It saves on costs

Paper, ink, and printing cost a lot of money when you add them up. Paper documents can be wasteful in the long run. Many companies see cost savings in the physical production of documents, as well as other aspects of physical signage such as scanning, shipping or delivery, and other travel expenses. You may also save on other indirect costs such as tracking documents and storing them.

2)  It saves you time

Imagine all that time you spent waiting for your boss or other important people to return from conferences or vacations for a signature. With digital signing solutions, you can ensure that businesses save up on time especially when the person signing is in a different country or area.

3)  It gives you security

For signatures, security is a priority. Digital signatures can reduce the risk of document duplication or alterations. Signers are provided with passwords, PINs, and codes that can verify their identities and approve signatures.

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