Your Quick and Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting an Accent Chair

Accent chairs can be the best showcase of your personal style, particularly if they are prominently displayed in your space. But whether you’re looking for a show-stopper or a simple and functional chair as additional seating, you will find that there are some important steps to choosing the right chair and making the best decision for your needs. So how can you make it easier on yourself and ensure that you are making the right decision as well? Here’s your quick and easy step-by-step guide to selecting an accent chair.

  • Determine the details and its purpose

First, you have to determine the details, which include the purpose of the chair. Where do you want to place it? Is it in a bedroom, dining area, living area, or hallway or entryway? If you’re thinking of a chair for your entryway or hallway, then this would be more decorative rather than functional. If you are placing the accent chair in a bedroom or living area, then it would have to be more functional and durable.

  • Determine the chair’s placement

The accent chair you choose should make the area look more appealing and inviting, and it shouldn’t add to clutter and restrict movement. Plan where your chair will be placed before looking for a design or style. If you are thinking of additional seating for a family room, perhaps you can add an accent chair facing inwards and book-ending a couch. Other placement options include corners and next to windows, or next to dining tables. The placement of your chair will also determine its style and size.

  • Figure out the size

Another determining factor is the size. To determine the size, consider the area or space and its size in relation to the chair, and consider the width and height of other furniture pieces in the space. You should also think about the chair’s leg width and its base, and if you want a chair for relaxing in, consider one that’s wide and deep for more comfort.

  • Choose the style

The style of your accent chair is often determined by what’s already in the space and what kind of style you have. For instance, you can opt for iconic chairs in sleek and elegant silhouettes if you want an accent piece, but if you want something more comfortable, you can opt for a cushy armchair which is bigger and takes up more space. Some styles go well with larger rooms, such as wingback chairs or club chairs, while slipper chairs are ideal if you want something more modern that sits near the ground.

  • Select the colour

When it comes to colours, there are plenty of choices out there, but choose a colour based on the area’s colour scheme if you want something consistent. But you can also add a bit of contrast; go for something bold if you want a focal point for the room. Look at the colour wheel and choose colours that complement each other. You can even opt for statement patterns which are quite eye-popping depending on your style. Here’s one tip: bold and bright colours with a jewel tone such as sapphire, ruby, and jade often go well with neutral tones such as navy, black, or grey. Happy choosing!